Dr Leanda is a Western Australian conservation ecologist with a passion to protect species that are subject to discrimination.

She completed her PhD on the urban ecology of trapdoor spiders and their kin, to better understand how we might conserve them for future generations. Her thesis was titled ‘Living on burrowed time: mygalomorph spiders of Perth city‘.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking through the bush whilst only staring at the ground, talking about spiders and puns. Whilst her research expertise has recently been focused on the ecology of mygalomorph spiders and other short-range endemics, her interests are much broader. Science Communication has become increasingly useful as a means of educating and stimulating interest of the general public in science. She finds effective communication of science highly rewarding and would like to expand her expertise in this area. Her broad career goal is to be involved in research that produces more widespread positive change for a sustainable future.

“By developing my skills in Science Communication, my own research may be more visible and potentially produce more widespread positive change for a sustainable future. A future where the conservation of non-charismatic critters is of the same priority assigned to charismatic species.” ~ Dr Leanda

Dr Leanda also enjoys writing in third person. Not only does it sounds like she has someone writing for her, but it is much easier to write about yourself when you are writing as if you are someone else. She hopes that last sentence made sense.

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