Sponsoring Spiders


Just imagine being able to start a conversation with ‘I sponsor a trapdoor spider…’! How very cool would that be? Well… now your (new) dream can come true!

To continue the work of Prof Barbara York Main at North Bungulla Reserve, research funding is required. Funding generated by donations will only be used to purchase items required for the study – time and effort will be provided for free by Dr Leanda.

So, if you would like to support this longitudinal study while it continues for the next forty odd years, please contact Dr Leanda.

Donations of $250 or above will allow you to sponsor a trapdoor spider at this reserve *for life*. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a trapdoor spider for $15 per year.

Sponsoring a spider could also make an excellent gift for your (arachnophobic) friend… either way Dr Leanda will provide yearly updates on their age, sex, condition, any children they might have, and other such interesting information. If you like, the fact that you have sponsored a spider will be made public on this website – Dr Leanda can even add a little picture of you and a caption of why you decided to sponsor a spider. That way, your generosity towards your eight-legged friend will be forever glorified! Completely up to you, just be sure to contact Dr Leanda regarding your preferences.

On behalf of the trapdoor spiders: thank you for your generosity!


Sponsored spiders

#0001 is lifelong sponsored by Mr Cotton since 2018:


#001 is at least 12 years old, female and has no known surviving offspring.

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