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Dr Leanda thoroughly enjoys discussing all things creepy and/or crawly. Should you wish to book her for a speaking event, please send a message with relevant details through the Contact area and she will respond with a quote. A list of her previous science communication speaking events are listed below.


Radio interviews

CBC Radio ‘The world’s oldest spider was killed by a parasitic wasp’ (

Radio New Zealand: ‘Studying the world’s oldest spider’

Evenings with Christine Anu on ABC Radio Sydney ‘World’s oldest spider’

4ZZZ CSA On-Air Discussion: ‘43 Year old WA Trapdoor spider passes on’

Curtin FM ‘Seasonal predation of trapdoor spiders’

RTRFM 92.1 The Sound Alternative:




WA Science Podcast ‘How old was the world’s oldest spider (

Vaguely Accurate: #013 The Urbanisation of Trapdoor Spiders (


Public speaking

Australian Science Festival opening gala, Perth

Perth Science Festival

Urban Bushland Council

Byford Senior Highschool

Friends of the Porongurups

Insect study society

Kings Park festival of science seminar

Friends of Star Swamp and Trigg Bushland

Guest lecturer ‘ANIM3353 Wildlife Conservation and Management’ at University of Western Australia


Science communication that doesn’t fit neatly under other headings

Curtin News story (

Instagram: ‘curtinlifeaustralia’ Leanda Mason (

Particle: ‘Trapdoor spiders of Perth’ (

Phone interview with Avi Selk, a journalist from The Washington Post (


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