Abstract Art

Dr Leanda loves nothing more than to convert complex written concepts and scientific abstracts into accessible visuals –  a process she has dubbed ‘Abstract Art’.

Her ‘art’ is associated with each of the Abstracts sections for her scientific journal articles. A selection can be viewed within her thesis on Curtin University’s Library eSpace (click here). One such piece is demonstrated above, and relates to her paper ‘Ashes to ashes: intense fires extinguish populations of urban short-range endemics‘. In this paper, Dr Leanda described how trapdoor spiders and their kin, are vulnerable to intense fires in urban areas – leaving them exposed to predators, burning up ground cover that hosts their prey, and allowing invasive weeds to establish.

She maintains that ‘Abstract Art’ is a far better term than ‘Graphical Abstracts’. Arguing it much more useful when applied to making complex science more simple, as opposed to its current use to describe simple art being interpreted as more complex.

Dr Leanda plans on making more of her ‘Abstract Art’ for any future publications and will continue to promote for this term for common usage.

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